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Dang Khoa Coconut Company


Dang Khoa Coconut Co., Ltd. is a leading unit in the field of manufacturing Coconut Coconut in Ben Tre, distributing foodstuffs processed coconut candy, Coconut Jelly. Dang Khoa's products have been spreading throughout Vietnam as well as most of the northern provinces, and become the choice of Raw Materials for Coconut Jelly Raw Jelly Processing Companies throughout the country.

 Dang Khoa Coconut Company has been striving to perfect itself, becoming the reliable and responsible raw coconut jelly material supplier of the Manufacturer thanks to the ability to supply products quickly and conveniently. , Safe and best Quality for Customers.

 · Company name: Dang Khoa Coconut Co., Ltd

 · Short name: DangKhoa Coconut Limited Copany

 · Tax code: 1300617123

 · Scope activities: Manufacturing 3-layer Coconut Mask, Coconut embryo sheet, Coconut Jelly, Cuticle (03mm-15mm), Coconut Jelly, Cold Pressed Sheet, Production and Distribution of Coconut Coconut Coconut Jelly.

 · Scale: 300-500 people

 · Phone: (+84) 08 88 454 454

 · Email: Dangkhoacoco@gmail.com

 · Website: Dangkhoafood.com

 Vision - Destiny

  1. Dang KHoa Coconut Company is determined to become a reputable supplier of Crude Coconut Jelly with Top Quality in Vietnam.

 2. Becoming the most reliable raw coconut raw material supplying partner thanks to the ability to supply safe and clean "Hygiene" products based on "You succeed, we succeed".

 3. Create for the company's employees a professional working environment with many promotion opportunities for capacity development, sustainable career development, and contribution to the overall development of society , community.


Core values


· Quality commitment to perfection

 · Responsibility, high enthusiasm

 · All activities are customer oriented

 · Dynamic - creative - professional - dedicated

 · Unite and create a friendly working environment


 Awards & Certifications Achieved:


- HAlA Certified

- HACCP Certified

- cGMP Iso 22716

- Achieved ISO 9001: 2008 certification

- Awards Vietnam high quality products in accordance with standards

- Vietnam Golden Lotus Award

- Famous brand in the country and internationally.

 Supply Output: Coconut Jelly Plant capacity of 60,000-80,000 tons of Coconut Jelly Raw Materials per Year.

Supply 15-20 million Masks per year.

Product: Supply pads Coconut mask, Coconut jelly, Coconut jelly dry exports. Coconut candy, Coconut jelly sugar water.


  OFFICE In Ho Chi Minh


                                                                                                                        BUILDING Central premium Plaza


Address: 856 Ta Quang Buu - Ward 5 - District 8 - Ho Chi Minh

Hotline: (+84)888.454.454 (Ms Tu)




RAW MATERIAL FACTORY: Area of ​​7,100m2





 Factory manufacturing Manufacturing Coconut Jelly Raw Material Cut 80 tons / day, Supply Billet Coconut Billboard 90,000 Pieces / day.


Address: 33A, My Duc Hamlet , My Thanh Commune, Ben treCity, Ben tre Province

.Phone: (0275) .6.547.547 - Fax: (02753) 511.439

.Email: dangkhoacoco@gmail.com - dangkhoafood@gmail.com 

.Website: DkCoconut.vn.


Biocellulose FACTORY  1 & 2: Area of ​​10,600m2

  DK Mekong Bio F&C Joint Stock Company

 Is the largest factory of crude Natadecoco in Vietnam with the capacity of 120-150 tons per day.


 . Factory Address 1: 119D Hamlet 4, Phu Nhuan Commune, Ben Tre City, Ben Tre Province

. Address of Factory 2: Nhon Thạnh Commune, Bến Tre City, Bến Tre Province

.Phone: 0888.454.454 (Ms Tu)

.Email: vn.coconut1@gmail.com

.Website: www.vncoconut.com

BioCellulose Mask Factory


    CGMP Standard Factory, Biocellulose mask factory with a capacity of 70,000 pieces of BC per day.


 Address: industrial clusters,Thanh Son 3 Hamlet, Thanh Tan Commune, Mo Cay Bắc Distric, Bến Tre Province.

Phone: 0888.454.454 (Ms Tu)

Email: Vn.coconut1@gmail.com

Website: WWW.DKbiomask.vn






Get in touch with us



Add : My Duc Hamlet , My Thanh Commune, Ben treCity, Ben tre Province

Hotline : (+84)888.454.454

wechat & kakaotalk : (+84)902.9999.14

Email : dangkhoacoco@gmail.com

Website : www.dangkhoafood.com